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About Us - See what Blueprint can do for you...

Blueprint provides nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to optimise health, reduce stress, and improve human functioning.

Our recommendations are based on the results of a hair tissue mineral analysis, which provides an incredible amount of information regarding the inner functioning of the human body at the cellular level. The different levels and ratios of the minerals displayed following testing are used to inform our decisions about the optimal diet and supplements to suit our individual clients and to balance their unique internal body chemistry.

Doctors, nutritional therapists, sports nutritionists, and the public, are often confused about how to determine one’s nutritional needs. Doctors, in most cases, do not even want to approach the subject and instead just tell people to “eat well” or perhaps take a multi-vitamin. The system we use, hair mineral analysis, allows for tailored nutritional guidance based on the biochemical needs of the individual. The hair test allows for the’ guess work’ to be taken out of the recommendations.

Using repeat hair testing our clients are also able to track their progress over time and receive scientifically determined evidence of their body tissues becoming more nourished and appropriately mineralised.

Many companies offer hair analysis reports these days, but very few practitioners have the skills or knowledge to interpret the results correctly. The skills and knowledge we possess can be attributed to over 30 years of diligent research carried out by Dr Paul Eck and Dr Lawrence Wilson, who are based in the US. Dr Eck passed away in 1996, but Dr Wilson is still progressing and expanding on the principles of this system that were initially developed by Dr Eck. They refer to this method of balancing body chemistry as ‘Nutritional Balancing Science’. Dr Wilson, or one of his associates, will guide Blueprint with the interpretation of any hair analysis results and the production of any supplement programs.

The laboratory we use for the hair tissue mineral analysis is called Analytical Research Labs, located in Phoenix, Arizona. This laboratory pioneered hair tissue mineral analysis. We consider them to be the best in the world due to the care they take when testing samples, and their excellent quality control procedures.

Blueprint is owned by Philip Smith. See below for educational and professional credentials;

  • Bsc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
  • American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal trainer
  • Diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science
  • British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation instructor
  • The Register of Exercise Professionals Level 4
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